Monday, February 29, 2016


So i've had alot of positive comments about my buildings i've made.  And it occurred to me that with this new terrain I made I could play some games that were not really within in the scope of the terrain I had.  And at the top of the list is some sort of zombie game.  I've heard alot of good things said about All Things Zombies: Final Fade Out. Which i will try out but i've also been looking at some simple rules called Dead Walk Again I found on So expect to see AARs from one of those systems once I figure out which one I prefer. So after making this realization last night I came home from work and painted up 25 zombies and 5 more survivors.   I still have a whole 30 box of zombies to assemble possibly a 3rd somewhere. I honestly can't remember if I purchased a third one.  Also I have a box of the male survivors and a box of female survivors all from Wargames Factory now in partner ship with Warlord who are producing what looks to be a interesting zombie skirmish game.   So first up are my zombies who I admit I may have gone overboard with the blood effects but I have no regrets.  Its the zombie Apocalypse not arts and crafts time!

And our survivors so far.  There are many more assembled but they take more time to paint as i'm not trying to mass produce them.  

Hope you enjoyed!

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