Thursday, February 25, 2016

5 Core Solo Play

So i've been play a game called Five Core Skirmish Evolved by Nordic Weasel Games. I enjoy it very much as it has a very interesting mechanic where you start your turn by rolling a 6 sided dice.  A 1 means the turn for you is a Scurry. Your entire force gets to make a movement action.  2-5 is a normal turn however here is the twist, You generally will only get to activate a 1/3 of your force.  Most likely 1-5 models in a normal turn. So you need to plan on who you want to do want and hope you get the right rolls to make it happen.  6 is a firefight turn.  No one gets to move but your force gets to make any legal shooting attacks.    There is more to it but that is probably the biggest twist going into it.  Now my gaming friends are not to fond of the rules(their loss) but I am. Luckily for me i've been looking to get into solo gaming so that I can get more gaming in. And the 5 Core series actually has a pretty in depth guide to playing solo.  So using the nation generator I recreated some imaginations me and my friends created in school to use as a setting in our comic books we drew.   And thus the two great nations were born.  One being Enlead(booo) and the other being Kidslovia(Yay).

So just to give you a quick over view of the nations right now, i'll do a longer more indepth narrative of them later as the story progresses.


Size: Moderate 5-20 Million
National Resource: Luxury Goods (So i'm going to be counting this as a fairly good source of wealth                                 but its not gonna be insane amounts of cash flow) 
Urbanization: Largely Rural
Tech Standard: -17 What this means is that the standard technology is roughly 17 years behind the                               time this is going to be set in. Although thats not to say nicer toys cant be bought.
Heavy Industry: Very limited heavy industry
Political System: Moderately Socialist
Government Legitimacy: Somewhat illegitimate (what the average joe on the street thinks of the                                                  government in control
Government Popularity: Very unpopular
Religion: Follows major religion not common in the region.
Corruption Level: Corruption is unusual
Cultural Cohesion: Extensive Cohesion. So how well the different minorities and groups mesh to                                      form a country
Allegiance: A former colonial or regional power 
Pressing Concern: Separatist rebels  

So in a nutshell Kidslovia is decent sized country with a decent economic flow,  However it is not very industrialized and is behind the times.  And the people in power are extremely unpopular and not regarded as the legitimate government  by some.  The country is rife with attacks and discontent sown by rebels who are believed to be supplied and armed by local rival Enland.


Size: Small 1-5 Million
National Resource: Precious metals (So they have a rather good amount of money pouring in)
Urbanization: Somewhat Urban
Tech Standard: -16 years
Heavy Industry: Some heavy industry
Political System: Dysfunctional Democracy
Government Legitimacy: Largely Illegitimate
Government Popularity: Quite popular
Religion: Offshoot or alternate denomination of a regional religion
Corruption Level: Corruption is Common
Cultural Cohesion: Limited Cultural Cohesion
Allegiance: Ally with a regional power
Pressing Concern: Informal Economy

Enland. A small but rich country.  Its on the up and up and its industry is growing quickly and spreading. Somehow being viewed as not the legitimate government those in power are very popular with the common man.  But there are issues with corruption and an informal economy is hurting and slowing the growth of the country.

So those are gonna be two of my main players in my Solo game setting I intend to play using Nordic Weasel's wonderful rules.

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