Saturday, February 27, 2016

3mm Pact Forces

So here is an overview of what I have completed for Pact. I still have lots of infantry to paint up, some more BMP3s and some and BTR70s. I need to buy more but I got enough to do a solo game later today so you should check back to see that if you've decided to follow along.  Enjoy the pictures.

7 Stands of Rifle Infantry

6 stands of a mixture of T-72s and T-72As and one stand of T-80s




And a cookie for anybody that can correctly identify these two planes


  1. F-16 and F-4E both from O8. yke choppers on the ground behind them are AH-64s........Were is that cookie? ;-)


  2. 1st: Great looking models. Thinking about going into 3mm and pictures like this certainly doesn't help against the urge to buy some...

    On to the question: What are the base sizes for the tanks and other AFVs?