Monday, February 29, 2016


So i've had alot of positive comments about my buildings i've made.  And it occurred to me that with this new terrain I made I could play some games that were not really within in the scope of the terrain I had.  And at the top of the list is some sort of zombie game.  I've heard alot of good things said about All Things Zombies: Final Fade Out. Which i will try out but i've also been looking at some simple rules called Dead Walk Again I found on So expect to see AARs from one of those systems once I figure out which one I prefer. So after making this realization last night I came home from work and painted up 25 zombies and 5 more survivors.   I still have a whole 30 box of zombies to assemble possibly a 3rd somewhere. I honestly can't remember if I purchased a third one.  Also I have a box of the male survivors and a box of female survivors all from Wargames Factory now in partner ship with Warlord who are producing what looks to be a interesting zombie skirmish game.   So first up are my zombies who I admit I may have gone overboard with the blood effects but I have no regrets.  Its the zombie Apocalypse not arts and crafts time!

And our survivors so far.  There are many more assembled but they take more time to paint as i'm not trying to mass produce them.  

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Invasion Begins AAR

Today to the complete shock to Enland, Kidslovian Armour and troops poured over the border in what was apparently an undefended pocket.  Defense forces scrambled to put up a blocking force at the first major city in the path of the invading army

So today I finished painting up a big batch of my Pact forces so I read the rules to 5Core Brigade Commander and decided to get my first game in. And it was really enjoyable. I don't know if it was just the dice rolling or the difference in the scale and pace of the game but  it felt was more fast paced and way more deadly then the 5Core Skirmish I played.

The Enlandians holding the surrounding area
 Due the suprise of that attack the Kidslovian attackers got to have an extra activation through out the  game with the manged to never lose. And that made a big diffrence.

Kidslovian Helo pushes up and starts putting fire into the trees
Kidslovian T-72's push down the highway and fire a punishing barrage of HE into the city putting some of the defenders out of action right away.

A company of Enland M1A1s  rushes to suppor the defence and also scores an out of action result on the lead T-72s.

The surviving T-72s fire back and kill the M1A1s in a huge upset to the defenders.

But when the out of action T-72s attempted to activate and made their status roll it turned out that there were too many casualties and the unit was pulled  On the other flank a unit of M60's bailed and pulled all the way back into the forest.

Kidslovian Armour Advances across the board

More rocket fire causes a  Out of Action

Some AA Vulcan mounted M113s roll up to deal with the Helo

Tank fire causes a hasty retreat

Chalk up another good roll to the Hind

ATGM fire from the town forces the T-72s back as BMP3s rush forward
 Thanks to a random even the Kidslovian forces get a unit of Infantry.... allll the way in the back.

"We're helping!"

Another unit is found to be combat ineffective when checked
 By this time two units of BMP3s and rolled up on the town and let out a bunch of Infantry. This was the point where the extra activation really helped. I was able to move the two units up and drop the infantry. When I was then able to have two units assault into the city.  The first unit was beaten back and killed off. The second one manged to push the defenders out of the town and into their graves.

The Vulcans were given an out of action result and when checked by a friendly unit were found to be destroyed as well.  All but ensuring free reign of the Hind for the rest of the game.


After a counter attack was unable to to be formed due to everyone being dead the Enland forces pulled back and the Kidslovians consolidated their postion.

I hope you enjoy the battle report because I rather enjoyed the game. Alot more then I thought I was going to in all honesty.  So i'm excited to do the next game already.

3mm Pact Forces

So here is an overview of what I have completed for Pact. I still have lots of infantry to paint up, some more BMP3s and some and BTR70s. I need to buy more but I got enough to do a solo game later today so you should check back to see that if you've decided to follow along.  Enjoy the pictures.

7 Stands of Rifle Infantry

6 stands of a mixture of T-72s and T-72As and one stand of T-80s




And a cookie for anybody that can correctly identify these two planes

Friday, February 26, 2016

3mm Nato Forces

Here is an over view of what I have painted up for my US-NATO forces so far. I still have some M1A1s, much more infantry, various jets, a couple of Apaches, and some HMMWVs to do. But i'll show those in a future post when I finish them. So this will be just a short post.  Please let me know what you think of the minis so far and of the blog in general.


Riflemen Stands

Bradely Transports just like my Dad rode in

M113 Troop Transports


M113s with Vulcan AA guns

Command Stands for games that call for it

A Daring Raid on the Border AAR

In this post I will be going over a game I played last night in my fictional setting that I touched on in my last post. The scenario is a small team of commandos was to knock out a communications relay and an AA position opening up a small corridor for a conventional full scale invasion. This is going to be pretty picture heavy as I attempted to take many pictures.

In our setting the Nation of Kidslovia has been having many issues with rebels fighting with government troops and the common belief is that the neighboring nation of Enland a long time rival is funding the destabilization. Even with Enland denying the accusations it is still believed to be true. So after an attack on the countries only nuclear power plant was stopped by Kidslovian SF, those in power decided it was time to go on the offensive.  A small 6 man team divided into two 3 man teams infiltrated the border.

Yea thats a bionic arm with a sword

Their objective was to take out an communications relay to prevent an early warning of the impending invasion and to blow a AA site that could be problematic.

The game starts slow as the two teams start to make their way up to the objectives. Taking cover (the green tokens) and making steady progress.  For the defending forces I used the Contact mechanic.    for every 3 of your troops there will be a contact marker. I used 3.  2 for my men and 1 for the AA location.  When you get LOS on a marker you roll a D10 to see what it may be.  It could be just rifleman, heavy weapons,  vehicle, or more markers that get put into cover.  So the start of the game went fairly fast as there were few moving models. 

Bravo Team sees the relay that is their Objective

Alpha Team prepares to breach a building near the AA site
Now here is when things started to get interesting, the squad leader entered the building and made his way to the roof where he was able to see to the AA contact marker and the marker that had been patrolling the street.  
A group of Riflemen in the street....

Dashing for cover
A couple of defenders take to the roofs and receive some pinning(Red token) fire but one of them manages to fire back and cause a knock down(black Token) on one of the attackers.

The radio operator ran up to his fallen comrade to see if he was fine and after ensuring that he was fine ran forward and attempted to fire a grenade up onto the building when he was able to.

However it fell far short of its intended target and not only that but a contact marker had come around the back of the market at was due to dice rolls turned into two contact markers. 

One of those markers then turned into a group of riflemen and yet another contact marker.

Gun emplacement opening fire at distant targets
During the distraction of the fighting in and around the market place, Bravo squad took this time to rush in and secure the building where the relay was.  once on the roof of the lower level they made their presence known to all by promptly shooting at everything they could see.

And there was alot to see

At this point the commandos take their first causality. Receiving a 6 on a kill die

Bravo team's leader makes his way up to the relay braving a hefty amount of incoming fire to attempt to disable the relay.

But disaster strikes as the defenders get a random event allowing one figure to throw a grenade an extra 3 inches and he manages to drop one exactly in between the bravo team rifleman resulting in knocking them both down in one go.

Solid white dice are kill dice and the tan are shock dice

Objective Completed

Down on the lower level the rifleman manage to get back up and toss a grenade back killing one and forcing another defender to bail back

At this point the defends notice that the fight as drifted out of the market place and is right outside of the building holding the AA gun.  And they rush forward to try and stop the assault. 

In a round of amazing fire they manage to kill the bravo team leader and pin both riflemen for a turn

However its far to late as the squad leader assaults the building and makes his way to the roof engaging in hand to hand combat.  

Getting a +1 for being the attacker and +1 carrying that sword the entire way with him.  This should be a cake walk as its just  a straight who can roll higher on a D6.

The White dice was our attacker and the ten the defender
And he barely makes it. But with that ensuring that the gun emplacement falls silent for the impending invasion force that is about to pour through a lightly guarded and unsuspecting border region.