Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3mm Terrain

For a quick second post I thought i'd show the terrain i've made and i'm sure you saw a bit of in my introductory post.  So without further delay here are my forests.

The forests are made from a larger flat pieces of balsa wood which I spray with my primer just to give it the black edges easily.  Then I trace it on to some Ready Grass Vinyl Mat you can find in most hobby stores.  Then I glue tufts of woodland scenic bushes to it create the forests.  

Next up is my two town area terrain pieces I've made.  Again I used balsa wood to create the base.  The buildings are all purchased from Pico Armour. They were alot easier to paint up then I thought they would be. I'm just stuck on what to do for the base.  I dunno if I should just paint it all grey or try to paint streets onto it.  

And lastly but not least I combine everything I've learned in building the previous terrain pieces and create what is my favorite piece so far.   A lovely little farm.  A couple of Russian MI-24s have landed on it waiting to get painted up.

Next i'll do a short show case of what I have done for 3 armies i've got painted up to varying degrees.  I hope you've enjoyed. 

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