Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dead Walk Again AAR

So yesterday I tried out some rules I found on called Dead Walk Again.  They were only a few pages long and seemed easy enough to learn so I decided to give them a try to see if I preferred them over ATZ:FO which i'm still getting the hang of. I got to play one game by myself and then my roommate joined me for the second game.    I don't have many pictures as the first game was...... unfortunately short.  And the second one I was focused on making sure my roommate was having fun.

The objective of the game was to cross the table and get to the helicopter pad.  Seemingly simply enough.  Now the rules say to not initially place more then 3x the number of survivors of zombies on the board.  So I listened to it and placed exactly 3x the number of survivors as zombies on the board.  If your familar with ATZ:FO then you know most things only have a chance of attracting more zombies.  In this game you roll 2D6 at the start of each turn. If either is a six then two new zombies are placed on a random board edge. And every time a weapon is fired it places a zombie 8in out from the location and every zombie is now making its way to that exact spot.  So here are the pictures of the the first game.
Our three survivors From left to right, Rick, Ryan, and Zach

 So zach lets off with  a pistol shot right off the bat and knocks down a zombie as the group rushes forward.
The gunshots attract many zombies into the area
 probably less then a foot from the starting area the survivors get bogged down in close combat.

The wounds start to pile on tot he living

And one

By one

They are dragged down underneath the horde.
So the first game ended up by being horribly swarmed.  In our second game my roommate took control of Ryan and Zach. And at first made a stealthy approach around the side of the board but Rick lagged behind and started collecting a bunch of followers.  Ryan stopped to help cover Rick with a SMG and Zach kept going forward to try and loot some buildings.    Ryan ended up getting cornered and got ripped to shreds.  Rick kept going for the helicopter and Zach kept trying to loot buildings which got him cornered and killed.

All in all fun games although we agreed that if we were to use the rules again they would need some tweaking to be more enjoyable.  I'm going to be reading up some more into ATZ:FO  to try that again with the new terrain.  But i'll probably do some more of my 3mm war first.  Have a great day.


  1. So what's the call on this vs ATZ?

    I've enjoyed ATZ whenever we've played but I wouldn't mind something that had a few less dice rolls.

    1. well im still need to get some more ATZ games in. the only time I've played it I had really subpar terrain and it really impacted the game quality. So I intend to brush up on my understanding of the rules and give it another go. Dead walks again, played quick and very easy but needs a little tweaking. Like making it a chance that zombies will spawn on gun shots. instead of every time a weapon is fired its automatically zombies you start to got overwhelmed if your not getting kills or killing more then one zombie in ago. Some of the distances could be changed. It was designed for cm and it says to just covert into INs but it just seems off. And zombies can smell you so it makes it hard to try to be sneaky if you get within *in of a zombie it automatically starts coming towards you. I would recomend giving it a shot the rules are free. I found them in a old post on TMP. I can give you a link if you need. They are easy enough to pick it up extremely fast if you wanna just try them. Then see if you wanna tweak it like I may end up doing.

  2. Can you post the link in your message on TMP?

  3. Great start dude! Looking forward to more.