Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hold Your Ground AAR

After a surprising and lighting quick invasion of Enland by Kidslovian forces, the Kidslovian army stops to dig in to while it solidify it's hold.  Feeling embarrassed at the success and lack of preparedness Enland launches a major counter offensive with the urging of its western allies.

The Forces

  • 6 Tank companies 
    • 5 T-72A
    • 1 T-80
  • 4 BMP Mounted Infantry Units
  • 2 MI-24 Helos

  • 8 Tank Companies
    • 6 M60s
    • 2 M1A1s
  • 4 Bradley Mounted Infantry Units
  • 2 M113 Vulcan Support Units
  • A10 On standby
There were 3 Objectives that had to be retaken.  1 Major worth 2 VP and 2 Minor worth 1 VP each. The major was the large city in the center of the attack. One minor was two small towns off to the left and the other minor was a large hill to the right.   Enland had 20 turns to take the objectives.  At turn 10 if command felt it was needed they could call in a second wave attack consisting of 4 M60 units and 2 Bradley units.  If used the final tally of VP would be subtracted by 1 and there might be some political ramifications  for needing to use overwhelming force. To call in the A10 one of the 4 activation's i've allocated to both sides due to how many units there are, must be used.  on a roll of 5 or 6 on a D6 the A10 is placed and lights up the target with 2 Kill dice and 2 Shock dice. Also after feeling that there a tactical edge missing for maneuvering I added in that if a unit gets into a positions where it is shooting directly into the side of a enemy unit it gets a extra shock dice for the unexpected attack.  If it gets all they war around and shoots directly into the rear it also gets an extra kill dice for the generally weaker Armour found there.  I've also modified movement rates due to my board being smaller then i'd like.

The Kidslovian army digs in on the objectives.

Major Obj in the center

Hill 63

Secondary Obj

Enland prepares to push them out of their country.

To start off the game Enland Armour pushes straight toward hill 63 and pours fire into the dug in infantry to no success. They are just dug in to well. T-72s move up and fail to get any hits on the advancing tanks as do the BMP3s dug in with the infantry.  The T-80s move around the side and fire at some Bradley's  getting a Casualties result.

The next Enland turn is a scurry move and all forces move forward.

T-72s attempt to fire but miss their shots again. But the T-80 scores a Bail on one of the M1A1s and causes it to flee of the board.  And one of the Hinds rushes the center to head off the column moving up  the highway and kills the lead M60s

Enland gets a random event Moral Boost which I deemed to be able to bring the M1A1s back onto the board.  M60s readjust to the threat of the T-80s and miss their shots.   Enland command tries to raise the A-10 for the first time but fail to contact.  The other unit of M1A1s manage to land some shots and cause casualties to the T-80s while they were moving through the farm. And Bradely's Knock out some BMP3s.

The Hind near Hill 63 flies in and causes some casualties to the M1A1s.  One of the T-72s moves up to a postion were it is base to base with the knocked out bradelys and the knocked out T-80s. Which allows the T-80s to test to see if they are wiped out and captures the bradelys.  They also manage to shoot at some M60s causing them to bail.  The T-80 passing its roll is back in the fight. The T-72s way on the other flank by the small towns fires and misses at the advancing Enland tanks. However its sister company doesn't miss and obliterates the lead vehicles. 

On the next Enland turn the surviving M60s return fire but are too shaken up at their losses to manage any damage.  A unit of M113 Vulcans moves towards hill 63 to try and down the Hinds but they prove to be agile to be hit.  The M1A1 still in the game fires and kills one of the T-72 units. and the suriving bradley rushes forward and disembarks its infantry at the base of the hill.

Foul weather Random event started this turn so I played it that the Hinds had to land, and would stay landed until they were next activated.  and being on the ground made them attackable by all units at normal ground attack ranges.  The T-72s on the left by the small towns again fire at the surviving M60s but just can't seem to make a hit. The T-80 shoots at and manages to pin a unit of M1A1s.  One of the Infantry units charges down Hill 63 into the Enland infantry. 

Winning the assault they try to charge into the other unit of infantry but having lost the moment they are wiped out instead.

After another turn moving and shooting from both sides a unit of Bradelys moves forwards and drops its troops to prepare to assault the main objective.

The Kidslovian infantry disembark for what is sure to a bloody struggle.

However even more Enland infantry arrive to attack.

On Hill 63 the surviving Enland infantry go hunting in the woods to wipe out the BMPs

But fail in the task and killed. The bradelys pour fire into the woods and Kill the BMP units and move onto the objective

One of the Enland infantry units makes the charge into city and wins its assault and holds that objective.

BMPs move from the small town objectives to try and support the defense of the city and take the Bradelys bu surprise.

The A-10 is finally able to come on and makes the T-80s "Go away"

 Enland infantry charges into the woods taking out the BMPs and capturing the knocked out BMPs. Mean while Kidslovian infantry counter attack into the City and take it back.

Some T-72s try to kill off some M60s but miss.

So another unit of T-72s comes from behind to help and scores the kill

At this point its turn 10 and Enland opts to call in the reserves to ensure a crushing victory.

At this point Kidslovian forces are forced to withdraw or be wiped to the man in face of overwhelming forces.   

So I have to admit about halfway through typing this I kinda started to lose focus and made the descion to be a bit more brief in my description.   Im new to this and not much of a writer. So if you are reading these please let me know if you enjoy the longer  version of the turns or the more condensed highlights that was the second  half of this AAR.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed playing it. 

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  1. Greatt AAR.

    With lots of pictures I lean towards preferring the shorter decription; but really, I would read either!